ars Parfum Creation & Consulting GmbH

Managing director:
Guido Schmitt

Founded in 1992

Local court Cologne HRB 23414
Ust.-Id: DE 811425473

Komödienstraße 56-58
D-50667 Köln

Phone       0221-91 40 88-0
Facsimile 0221-91 40 88-10



Exclusion of responsibility:
The Tribunal of Hamburg decreed with the sentence of 12.05.1998 'Responsibility for links' (312 0 85/98) that whoever inserts a link has co-responsibility for the contents of the page linked, and may be called upon to answer for it. This may be avoided by expressly disassociating from the content. On this basis, ars Parfum as a precaution explicitly disassociates itself from from all contents of pages which are linked from the website ars Parfum has in no way collaborated to decide the organisation and contents of the linked pages nor has it made these contents its own. This declaration holds for all links both present and future.

Privacy safeguard:
If you connect to the Internet pages of ars Parfum, certain general information is automatically acquired; however, this does not enable you to be identified. For example, the date of your visit will be registered, you web browser, the operative system and the dominion of your Internet provider. Only if you send requests or take part in a competition or similar event, will your personal details be registered as given by you.

Use of data:
Your details will be memorised and only used internally for the relative procedures. Your details will not be transferred to third parties.